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Welcome to Deborah Yule Swim School

Deborah Yule Swim School opened its doors on 15th April 2013. All our staff are qualified swimming instructors, gaining their qualification through the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and the Swimming Teachers Association. Deborah has been instructing since September 1990.


We currently teach the ASA Stage 1 - 6 badge scheme for our children's classes and ducking badges for our Parent & Baby classes. Our older children are participating in the Rookie Lifeguard Qualification ran by the Royal Life Saving Society encouraging young people to help others in difficulty in water and raise awareness of possible dangers in and around water.


All of our instructors teach in the water as we believe this has massive benefits for pupils. We have found that it helps pupils feel at ease, building water confidence and also provides a better platform for in-water demonstrations. Most individuals learn a lot more from a good visual experience than continuous verbal instruction, leading to quicker progression in all areas of swimming!




Thinking of Joining?


October 30th – November 3rd

8.30am-9am – Complete beginners
9am-9.30am – Complete beginners

11.30am-12pm - Confident beginners
12pm -12.30pm – Confident beginners
2.30pm-3pm - Confident beginners
3pm -3.30pm – Intermediates  

 £35, 5 day crash courses!

Call 07917540929 or 01226212888

If you’d like more information as to what class would be best for your little one or to book on to one of the crash courses...

Our Crash Courses are a fantastic way to get your child started with swimming lessons, give them a confidence
boost or push them on to achieve their next badge. 

Call to book a place now;

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