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  • Sue Richardson (Friday, February 15 13 11:55 am GMT)

    My two children are loving the swimming lessons and growing in confidence and ability. It really great that Deborah is in the water with them, it is so much better. Keep up the good work and good
    luck with the new pool!!

  • Sharon (Sunday, April 28 13 11:20 pm BST)

    Deborah taught my eldest daughter over ten years ago so when it came to my youngest daughter learning there was no question who would teach her, the new pool is excellent the facilities are A* and
    within two lessons my daughters confidence in the water is unbelievable!! Highly recommend!!

  • Claire Dobson (Wednesday, May 08 13 01:10 pm BST)

    Deborah gives excellent visual demonstration of the correct technique for each stroke. She is very supportive and gets in the water with them to move their limbs so they know what it feels like to
    get the technique right. Very impressed.

  • elisabeth basford (Sunday, October 13 13 11:40 pm BST)

    Hello.Is it possible my daughter Sofia 6 can start lessons asap? We have just moved from Nottingham. She had some lessons but is still quite basic.

  • Karen Burton (Monday, November 25 13 10:51 am GMT)

    My grand-daughter Hebe-rose absolutely loves her lessons and has had both Deborah and Alice and loves them both. She thrives in the intimate atmosphere and grows in confidence every week. We'll done

  • Scott (Friday, January 10 14 09:42 am GMT)

    Hello we are wondering what availability you have in the afternoons or weekends for our 4yr old. He hasn't got water confidence & would probably start off better with us in the water with him
    before progressing alone.

  • Emily Norris (Friday, February 28 14 05:59 pm GMT)

    My little girl, age three and a half, has just completed her first crash course at the swim school. She has loved it and we have been so impressed. The confidence she has gained in just five half
    hour lessons is remarkable. Deborah is fantastic, firm but fair and really encouraging. We have signed up to weekly lessons and can't wait for Tuesday to go again! Thanks for a really fantastic week
    and a great introduction to swimming!

  • katrina fudge (Saturday, April 26 14 12:20 am BST)

    My little angel has never been swimming before until she went to deborah and i can not say a bad word lovely staff and my little one has come on so much u do a brillant job the whole lot of you keep
    it up x

  • douglasiwcgfqmxnf.exteen.com (Monday, May 08 17 12:04 am BST)

    Incredible story there. What happened after? Good luck!

  • snashebra (Monday, February 05 24 05:34 pm GMT)

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